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Vintage Sheet Music

Vintage Sheet Music Is It True What They Say About Dixie? 1936 - Great Black Face Art on Vintage Sheet Music Cover!! Cover Graphic by HHK
Vintage Sheet Music for collecting or for the musician. The cover graphics are wonderful and by such greats as Barbelle, Van Doorn, Starmer.
I have a few modern pieces too such as Love Story (get a hankie) and Summer of '42 but primarily they are oldies. The cover graphics are wonderful and by such greats as Barbelle, Van Doorn, Starmer. This category is worth a browse if for no other reason than to look at the covers of these miniature works of art.

Vintage Sheet Music Titles include: Love is Like a Cigarette, Is It True What They Say About Dixie? 1936, Blues by Basie Sheet Music - 1943, Indian Cradle Song, American Patrol March Introducing the Red, White & Blue - 1914, Goodbye France (You'll Never Be Forgotten By the U.S.A.) 1918 - Cover Graphic by Barbelle, When Mother Sang Hush-A-Bye-O, Dervish Dance 1928, Evening Thoughts Reverie 1912 Vintage Sheet Music Art Nouveau Cover Graphic by Carter, Weary River Sheet Music 1929 and more.

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Antiques Collectibles Kitsch Custom Gifts Vintage Sheet Music
Here are all the products in this category:

When Mother Sang Hush-A-Bye-O
Goin' Home by Anton Dvorak - From the Largo of the New York Symphony 1922. Photocopy only the original was sold
There's Something Nice About Everyone But There's Everything Nice About You 1927
Love Story Souvenir "Album"
And Many More

We also have vintage vinyl records - 45's & LP's